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Olympian visits swimmers

What an amazing day Askeaton Swimming Club experienced on Tuesday 22nd December 2015.

Fiona Doyle, the first Irish swimmer to qualify for Olympics 2016 conducted a workshop with our young swimmers.

Two days previous to Fiona’s visit to us, she was named sportswoman of the year.

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On behalf of Askeaton Swimming Club we would like to wish Fiona the very best of luck in the Olympics.

#TBT – Not so long ago

I know some of the people in this photo are in their 30’s now, so as our #TBT’s go, its a more recent photo. Next week we’ll go a bit deeper into the archives, do you recognise anyone?


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Confined Gala - Click to enlarge
Confined Gala – Click to enlarge


#TBT – 1971 Committee

So the first in a series of #ThrowBackThursday posts. Every Thursday at 1800 we will post a picture and a story around it. For the first #TBT it had to be the oldest committee picture I could lay my hands on. The committee of 1971. The year Askeaton Swimming Club opened the outdoor heated Swimming Pool.


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1971 Committee - Click To Enlarge
1971 Committee – Click To Enlarge