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Member Duties

When a swimmer becomes a member of ASC, a parent/guardian (regardless of number of swimmers) also becomes a member. Usually this is the adult who completes the registration for the swimmer.

In adherence with Swim Ireland’s rules, when you are a parent/guardian member of a swimmer, there are mandatory duties everyone must fulfil. These are:

  • Pool-side Duty
  • Gala Duties

Pool-Side Duty

Parents/guardians must attend pool-side duty for every training session. This is a requirement set by Swim Ireland as one of their Child Protection policies.

A roster is produced each term and circulated to parents.

It is the responsibility of the parent, NOT the committee, to arrange a swap if they are unavailable. The slot must be covered or training cannot commence.

As a parent assigned pool side duty, you must:

  • Be on time.
  • Make yourself known to the coach
  • Remain poolside for the duration of your duty as per Swim Ireland rules

If the parent on duty fails to show, the session will have to be cancelled and swimmers will need to contact their parents to pick them up.

If a parent does not present themselves for parent duty, a fine of €30 will be applied.

Fines will be added to subsequent term fees.

Gala Duties

All parents with swimmers at a gala should expect to be rostered for a duty, either as an official or as a team manager.

The gala roster will be produced as soon as possible once notification is given to Askeaton Swimming Club.

The duty roster will be issued, and parents much check to see if they have a duty. It is then the responsibility of the parent to ensure that duty is covered. It is NOT the responsibility of the committee to organise swaps or alternatives if you are not able to do the duty,

Team Managers must attend from the start of the warmup until the end of the gala and the last ASC swimmer has swum, this also includes relays.

Role and Duties of the Team Manager

We recommend you complete the Swim Ireland training course:

  • Check attendance of swimmers prior to the commencement of gala.
  • Be aware of any medical needs of the swimmers.
  • Liaise between the club and the gala officials.
  • Supervise the Club Team members while poolside for the entire duration of the event, including warm-up and lunch time.
  • Submit scratch sheets to the gala organisers prior to the commencement of the gala.
  • Collect the heat sheets and ensure each swimmer is aware of their event, heat and lane
  • Ensure each swimmer lines up for their event in a timely manner.
  • Check results sheets to establish if swimmers qualify for finals.
  • Only the Team Manager or Coach is permitted to make representations to the gala organisers on behalf of a club member.
  • Ensure swimmers tidy up their area after the gala.
  • Submit a written report to the club committee if there are any incidents at the gala.

Officials Duties

We recommend every member family has at least one parent/guardian trained with Swim Ireland in Level 1 and Level 2 Official. The course information is available on

From time to time, ASC will arrange for such courses to be run locally, but we encourage all parents/guardians to undertake the training when they can.



If you have any queries on any of these roles and duties, contact us on

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