Mallow Swans – Gala Report

Mallow Invitation Gala Report

An early start saw a team of 45 athletes left Askeaton on route to the Mallow Invitation 2014. We had 172 events to swim, before we got to relays.

With just 5 weeks of training completed it was an ideal chance for our swimmers to set the pace for the season ahead and for the coaches to assess plans going forward.

Before lunch the medal count had reached 20 with strong performances from swimmers in all three squads.

The medal count would raise in the afternoon with 12 more medals coming in individual events. But the most important factor is that from 172 events we had swimmers set new personal records in 151 of them.

The roof of the pool in Mallow was nearly lifted off as the relays got underway. Just 4 swimmers in each gender and age group got the chance to represent the club and their teammates let them know they were behind them. With some tight races between Kingdom, Mallow, TigerSharks and ourselves in the 4 relay’s we managed to get 2 2nd place and 2 3rd place finishes. And then the cannon where one male and female swimmer from each age group teamed up to represent the club. Mallow and Kingdom took early leads and were too far out to be caught, but a 300m fight with TigerSharks saw the 37 swimmers, numerous parents and two coaches getting behind the team. The atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately TigerSharks had our number on this occasion and we only managed 4th place.

That was not enough to grab enough points to pull anyone back in contention for the award for “Best Visiting Club” though, an award which was collected by Askeaton Swimming Club.

Our record at the gala was impeccable; 151 Personal Bests from 172 swims; 16 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze medals and “Best Visiting Club”, something which the club, swimmers, parents and coaches can be very proud of.